descriptionReference kernel implementation for OSDev workshop
last changeSat, 31 May 2014 06:10:25 +0000 (00:10 -0600)
2014-05-31 etherealHopefully fixed the SMP timing issue. master
2014-05-26 etherealHacked together a solution by spinlocking the AP boot...
2014-05-25 etherealFixed several very embarrasing mistakes.
2014-05-25 etherealVarious cleanups.
2014-05-18 etherealTrying to debug timing error somewhere in AP booting.
2014-05-16 etherealFixed race condition with a thread deleting itself.
2014-05-15 etherealVarious small cleanups.
2014-05-14 etherealSignificant code cleanups.
2014-05-14 etherealAdded support for local APIC timer, now used as schedul...
2014-05-12 etherealCode cleanups, trying to get scheduler working on APs.
2014-05-12 etherealAPs now in 64-bit realm.
2014-05-12 etherealAPs are now booted, but not in long mode yet.
2014-05-12 etherealImplemented beginning of ACPI tables parser.
2014-05-12 etherealThread sleeping "works" (with a hack).
2014-05-12 etherealAdded hack-ish solution to previous bug.
2014-05-12 etherealTrying to get thread sleeping working.
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