2014-04-18 etherealAdded example files, removed debugging info. master
2014-04-18 etherealCode cleanups.
2014-04-18 etherealFixed bug where both invertible/non-invertible rules...
2014-04-18 etherealBugfix for issue introduced by earlier code cleanup.
2014-04-18 etherealRemoved more memory leaks.
2014-04-18 etherealCleaned up codebase significantly.
2014-04-18 etherealAdded support for invertible rules, fixed some memory...
2014-04-12 etherealFix some small bugs.
2014-04-12 etherealAdded LaTeX output formatting.
2014-04-11 etherealAdded nicer proof formatting.
2014-04-11 etherealFixed missing node type.
2014-04-11 etherealSeveral fixes. Still a bug to find...
2014-04-11 etherealSimple sentences are being proved correctly.
2014-04-11 etherealImplemented brute-force DFS proof-search, untested.
2014-04-11 ethereal(Hopefully) implemented all rules.
2014-04-10 etherealChanged negation to \implies absurdity, added disjuncti...
2014-03-31 etherealInitial rule-application structure implemented.
2014-03-31 etherealFixed small bug in parser. Copy-paste = bad.
2014-03-31 etherealInitial parser/tree representation finished.