Added forgotten files to repo.
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2011-10-12 etherealFixed bug in InputHandler3D that triggers on Windows.
2011-10-04 etherealFinal modifications to README.
2011-10-04 etherealMade several minor modifications; worked on README...
2011-10-03 Kent Williams-KingChanged InputHandler3D to not perform unnecessary repaints.
2011-10-03 Kent Williams-KingChanged permissions of script.
2011-10-03 etherealMerge branch 'master' of csd:~/git/453
2011-10-03 etherealAdded file; started README for assignment #1.
2011-10-03 Kent Williams-KingChanged Mandlebrot default colour gradient endpoint.
2011-10-03 etherealUpdated TODO. Just the README left.
2011-10-03 etherealMissed two.
2011-10-03 etherealAdded default colouring schemes for all fractals.
2011-10-03 etherealAdded basic class summaries for documentation purposes.
2011-10-03 etherealFleshed out InputHandler3D's control widget.
2011-10-03 etherealImplemented a few things.
2011-10-03 etherealFixed cross-product implementation; 3D Koch works now.
2011-10-03 etherealTried to implement 3D Koch fractal, but have some bugs...
2011-10-03 etherealFixed some winding and colouring bugs in Sierpinski3DRe...
2011-10-03 etherealAdded keyboard controls to InputHandler3D.
2011-10-03 etherealImplemented viewport panning in InputHandler3D.
2011-10-03 etherealChanged InputHandler3D to use a glFrustum() call.
2011-10-03 etherealStarted to add 3D Sierpinski fractal.
2011-10-02 etherealAdded shift/control modifier keys to InputHandler2D.
2011-10-02 etherealAdded non-filled Sierpinski & yet another plant L-syste...
2011-10-02 etherealDisplay lists/textures are now released when switching...
2011-10-01 etherealFixed scales on fern/tree fractals.
2011-10-01 etherealCreated a very nice self-similar fern fractal.
2011-10-01 etherealAdded nice Sierpinski colouring scheme.
2011-10-01 etherealAdded self-similar "Bush" fractal.
2011-10-01 etherealImproved colour scheme selection slightly.
2011-10-01 etherealMostly implemented a new ColourScheme selection system.
2011-10-01 etherealSeveral minor changes.
2011-09-30 etherealAdded right-angle Koch fractal.
2011-09-29 etherealGeneralized the L-system code from HilbertRenderer.
2011-09-29 etherealAdded todo, fixed a few small bugs.
2011-09-29 etherealMerge branch 'master' of csd:~/git/453
2011-09-29 etherealAdded comments in InputHandler2D.
2011-09-29 etherealStarted to implement a new colouring system.
2011-09-28 Kent Williams-KingFixed bug; glBindTexture was being called inside gl...
2011-09-25 etherealA bit of a problem.
2011-09-22 etherealAdded Gradient and DoubleGradient colour schemes to...
2011-09-22 etherealAdded a very basic colour scheme selection UI.
2011-09-21 etherealFixed slight error in ZIterationRenderer.
2011-09-21 etherealRemoved test textured mandlebrot.
2011-09-21 etherealRe-implemented rotation in the 2D InputHandler/correspo...
2011-09-21 etherealOkay, so glBindTexture() goes before glTexImage()....
2011-09-21 etherealSilly white rectangle won't go away. Rewrite time.
2011-09-21 etherealRemove double glEndList() call.
2011-09-21 etherealPlayed around with texture coordinates a little.
2011-09-20 etherealAlmost have a texture-based ZIterationRenderer working...
2011-09-20 etherealAdded Barnsley fern fractal.
2011-09-20 etherealAdded Dragon and Hilbert fractals.
2011-09-20 etherealImplemented Christmas-Tree fractal.
2011-09-20 etherealAdded some depth controls.
2011-09-20 etherealAdded support for switching fractals at runtime.
2011-09-20 etherealFixed small bug in MandlebrotRenderer.
2011-09-20 etherealImplemented ZIterationRenderer, brought in KochRenderer...
2011-09-20 etherealRe-implemented support for ColourSchemes.
2011-09-20 etherealAdded CW buttons to change fractal depth.
2011-09-20 etherealContinued working on framework; working control widget...
2011-09-20 etherealMostly implemented the new fractal rendering framework.
2011-09-19 etherealStarted to implement a redesign of the rendering system.
2011-09-17 etherealEnabled line smoothing; Dragon looks much nicer.
2011-09-17 etherealFixed the colouring in the Dragon fractal implementation.
2011-09-17 etherealImplemented mouse control for rotation. (Right mouse...
2011-09-17 etherealAdded Hilbert fractal.
2011-09-17 etherealFinished Dragon fractal.
2011-09-17 etherealFinished Mandlebrot fractal.
2011-09-17 etherealImplemented Barnsley's Fern fractal, also basic control...
2011-09-17 etherealAdded keyboard shortcuts to change rendering depth.
2011-09-17 etherealAdded Koch snowflake fractal and Point class.
2011-09-16 etherealFixed mouse-wheel zooming to zoom towards the cursor.
2011-09-16 etherealAdded intelligent colouring to the fractal generation.
2011-09-16 etherealBasic fractal framework & Sierpinski fractal implemented.
2011-09-16 etherealVery basic display list experiment complete.
2011-09-16 etherealBasic Qt and OpenGL framework finished.