Added forgotten files to repo.
[cpsc-453.git] / a4 /
2012-05-22 etherealAdded forgotten files to repo. master
2011-12-26 etherealMinor modifications.
2011-12-12 etherealWrote README for A4.
2011-12-12 etherealImplemented quadratic light attenuation.
2011-12-12 etherealFixed usage messages; added command-line option to...
2011-12-12 ethereal"Fixed" R-tree again by upping branching factor to...
2011-12-12 ethereal"Fixed" R-tree.
2011-12-12 etherealFixed global ambient lighting.
2011-12-12 etherealFixed spotlights.
2011-12-11 etherealFixed bounding boxes on RotationObject instances.
2011-12-11 etherealAdded new soft shadows scheme that works semi-well.
2011-12-10 etherealFinished integrating spotlights.
2011-12-10 etherealFixed camera rotation.
2011-12-10 etherealAdded support for arbitrary camera positions; old code...
2011-12-10 etherealAdded input conversion from degrees to radians.
2011-12-10 etherealImplemented falloff/tightness properties of spotlights.
2011-12-10 etherealR-tree is now fully integrated!
2011-12-03 etherealImported R-tree code from Aesalon.
2011-12-02 etherealFinished implementing refraction (I hope).
2011-12-02 etherealImplemented anti-aliasing with jittering.
2011-11-29 etherealChanged anti-aliasing behaviour.
2011-11-28 etherealFixed a few bugs; created nice spiral SDL file.
2011-11-28 etherealReduced network bandwidth + memory usage.
2011-11-28 etherealUpdated buildsystem to work with CMake 2.6.
2011-11-28 etherealMultiple worker distribution operates perfectly!
2011-11-28 etherealMultiple client requests now works properly.
2011-11-28 etherealImplemented basic distribution.
2011-11-28 etherealImplemented (untested) CLI client and worker.
2011-11-28 etherealFinished serialization code for ObjectTree.
2011-11-28 etherealAdded light-related serialization code.
2011-11-28 etherealAdded serialization code for all members of RenderSettings.
2011-11-28 etherealTest serialization/deserialization finished.
2011-11-28 etherealFinished ClientSocket, ServerSocket, and SelectWrapper.
2011-11-28 etherealAdded (untested) BSD ClientSocket.
2011-11-28 etherealAdded Scene::Specification class.
2011-11-28 etherealRemoved Qt networking code; will rewrite with Boost...
2011-11-28 etherealCleaned up repository.
2011-11-28 etherealAdded some code for the rendering CLI.
2011-11-28 etherealStarted adding networking code to distribute processing.
2011-11-27 etherealAdded support for parsing triangles.
2011-11-27 etherealAdded support for triangles.
2011-11-27 etherealWasn't setting the light model in the SDL loader ....
2011-11-27 etherealAdded global ambient light.
2011-11-27 etherealStarted to implement SDL loading code.
2011-11-27 etherealFixed Camera projection plane (FOV was 2x needed).
2011-11-27 etherealCreated very nice scene in mjollnir.cpp.
2011-11-27 etherealAdded support for planes, changed AA to circular from...
2011-11-27 etherealImplemented randomized anti-aliasing and hard shadows.
2011-11-26 etherealFixed bugs, added example scene and image writer.
2011-11-26 etherealAdded untested lighting code.
2011-11-26 etherealStarted actual ray-tracing code.
2011-11-26 etherealChanged Camera to take FOV instead of proj. plane distance.
2011-11-25 etherealAdded basic ray-generator, the Camera.
2011-11-25 etherealRenamed "World" to "Scene".
2011-11-25 etherealFixed rotate/scale/translate objects.
2011-11-25 etherealFixed sphere intersection test.
2011-11-25 etherealAdded (untested) unit sphere intersection code.
2011-11-25 etherealStarted fourth assignment, the ray tracer. Code name...