2016-01-27 etherealConsolidated all random singletons into single interface. master
2016-01-27 etherealRearchitected Button/LineEdit to use Panel internally.
2016-01-27 etherealAdded support for keyboard focus to GUI::Context.
2016-01-26 etherealAdded support for Unicode text input.
2016-01-26 etherealIntroduced new GUI Context system.
2016-01-25 etherealDisabled key_down events from repeats.
2016-01-25 etherealUpdate ContextRegistry to pass time since last frame.
2016-01-25 etherealAdded some more LICENSE information to the assimp distr...
2016-01-25 etherealMostly implemented GUI styling support.
2016-01-24 etherealAdapted buildsystem to make Bullet integration optional.
2016-01-24 etherealUpdated copyright year.
2016-01-24 etherealAdded support for MSAA.
2016-01-24 etherealReplaced GLEW with a custom extension loader.
2016-01-23 etherealUpdated README to point to documentation.
2016-01-23 etherealUpdated buildsystem slightly.
2016-01-23 etherealUpdated documentation.
2016-01-23 etherealExpanded on resource system documentation.
2016-01-23 etherealRenamed physics/ to bullet/ in preparation for Box2D...
2015-12-30 etherealImplemented camera interpolation and quaternion SLERP.
2015-12-27 etherealAdd script to automatically create .fwd headers.
2015-12-27 etherealFixed default alpha blending function.
2015-12-26 etherealFixed bug when loading textures with active TextureContext.
2015-12-26 etherealFixed some more valgrind-discovered bugs.
2015-12-26 etherealFixed some errors found by Valgrind.
2015-12-26 etherealFixed some forward-decl uses.
2015-12-25 etherealBegan adding forward-declaration headers.
2015-12-25 etherealFixed use of glDrawBuffer in Render::Framebuffer.
2015-12-25 etherealElaborate on one of the error tracking messages.
2015-12-25 etherealBegan ErrorTracker infrastructure integration.
2015-12-25 etherealAdded more externally-useful addMapping to Render:...
2015-12-13 etherealBegan adding support for GUI Texture widget.
2015-12-13 etherealMinor updates to Math namespace documentation.
2015-12-06 etherealAdded integration wrapper to imported R-tree.
2015-12-06 etherealImported R-tree from Mjollnir, and backported Aesalon...
2015-11-02 etherealFix documentation slightly.
2015-11-01 etherealSmall documentation changes.
2015-11-01 etherealBegan working on basic RTD documentation.
2015-10-15 etherealRemove unneeded test code.
2015-10-12 etherealFixed bug in State::Context.
2015-10-11 etherealMinor code cleanup.
2015-10-08 etherealSome small fixes to Gitlab CI config.
2015-10-08 etherealChanged dist upload script.
2015-10-08 etherealAdded dist generation and upload hook to CI config.
2015-10-08 etherealAdded link to CI build status in README.
2015-10-08 etherealFixed use of weak_from_this().
2015-10-08 etherealUpdated README. ci
2015-10-07 etherealInitial CI script test.
2015-10-07 etherealRemoved boost::signals from buildsystem requirements.
2015-10-07 etherealChanged kriti buildsystem architecture slightly.
2015-10-07 etherealUpdated buildsystem environment file.
2015-10-07 etherealRemoved debugging information in Render::Texture.
2015-10-07 etherealImplemented State::DelayProxy for invocation of delayed...
2015-10-05 etherealAdded GUI::LayoutItem->flush() and implementations.
2015-10-05 etherealAdd missed changes to repo.
2015-10-05 etherealAdded support for text colours, updated TODO.
2015-10-05 etherealFixed bug in Texture that was causing single-colour...
2015-10-05 etherealMostly finished new font system, with one texture coord...
2015-10-04 etherealVarious changes leading up to new font rendering archit...
2015-09-28 etherealAdded FreeType2 to buildsystem.
2015-09-27 etherealImplemented very simple AARect packing.
2015-09-26 etherealChanged from DPCM to DPI.
2015-09-25 etherealMade Panel::minSize respect layout's minSize.
2015-09-25 etherealAdded support for mousewheel events.
2015-09-25 etherealScrollArea tested and seems to be working.
2015-09-24 etherealImplemented untested GUI ScrollArea widget and stencil...
2015-09-22 etherealCleaned up shaders, made mouse buttons in event correct.
2015-09-22 etherealChanged mouse movements to be in GUI coordinates.
2015-09-22 etherealSwapped GUI::Scale to use DPCM-based measurement.
2015-09-22 etherealAdded State integration to GUI buttons.
2015-09-21 etherealAdded simple README for GitHub.
2015-09-21 etherealMinor modifications to support actual use.
2015-09-21 etherealFinished missing functions in Interface::ContextRegistry.
2015-09-21 etherealMostly converted to new event system.
2015-09-16 etherealBegan re-implementing event/context system with State...
2015-09-15 etherealRemoved extraneous source files.
2015-09-14 etherealKriti is most of the way to library status.
2015-09-13 etherealBegan turning kriti into rendering library instead...
2014-07-18 etherealSmall style changes.
2014-06-17 etherealSmall code cleanups; added TODO to repository.
2014-06-17 etherealMerge pull request #1 from EricWF/master
2014-06-17 Eric Fiselierstore assimpInclude variable in CMake cache
2014-06-11 etherealAdded support for cube-mapped textures to Texture.
2014-06-09 etherealImplemented geometry shader support.
2014-06-08 etherealStarted lighting infrastructure; small cleanups.
2013-11-10 etherealNode hierarchy parsed properly.
2013-11-10 etherealGot simple model loading/display working.
2013-11-10 etherealContinued working on assimp wrapper.
2013-09-19 etherealStarted working on assimp integration.
2013-09-18 etherealStarted adding assimp integration.
2013-09-18 etherealAdded the Open Asset Import Library to libs/.
2013-09-16 etherealFixed some minSize/stretch GUI code.
2013-09-15 etherealImplemented more support for loading GUI elements from...
2013-09-14 etherealTextures are now loaded from XML data.
2013-09-12 etherealMade TextureContext global.
2013-09-11 etherealFixed uninitialised variable.
2013-09-11 etherealMade Stage mappings apply only to particular materials.
2013-09-11 etherealAdded support in Containers for storing transparent...
2013-09-11 etherealChanged GUI system to use new RenderableContainer system.
2013-09-10 etherealFixed TextureContext::clearBindings() to reset offset...
2013-09-10 etherealRemoved unnecessary source files.