description3D Game/rendering engine using OpenGL
last changeWed, 27 Jan 2016 09:32:50 +0000 (01:32 -0800)
2016-01-27 etherealConsolidated all random singletons into single interface. master
2016-01-27 etherealRearchitected Button/LineEdit to use Panel internally.
2016-01-27 etherealAdded support for keyboard focus to GUI::Context.
2016-01-26 etherealAdded support for Unicode text input.
2016-01-26 etherealIntroduced new GUI Context system.
2016-01-25 etherealDisabled key_down events from repeats.
2016-01-25 etherealUpdate ContextRegistry to pass time since last frame.
2016-01-25 etherealAdded some more LICENSE information to the assimp distr...
2016-01-25 etherealMostly implemented GUI styling support.
2016-01-24 etherealAdapted buildsystem to make Bullet integration optional.
2016-01-24 etherealUpdated copyright year.
2016-01-24 etherealAdded support for MSAA.
2016-01-24 etherealReplaced GLEW with a custom extension loader.
2016-01-23 etherealUpdated README to point to documentation.
2016-01-23 etherealUpdated buildsystem slightly.
2016-01-23 etherealUpdated documentation.
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