2013-04-15 etherealFixed parenting bug somewhere in a hackish manner. master
2013-04-15 etherealRemoved `Opening log file' message.
2013-04-15 etherealMinor fixes, added --disable-opt.
2013-04-15 etherealFixed several bugs here and there.
2013-04-15 etherealAdded run-time division-by-zero check.
2013-04-15 etherealMade getchar() return -1 on EOF.
2013-04-15 etherealRemoved old debugging information.
2013-04-15 etherealFixed code generation (addCode/addLine calls) and printi.
2013-04-15 etherealAdded getchar() function to RTS.
2013-04-13 etherealVarious changes.
2013-04-04 etherealUpdated builtins/code gen to work with semihosting.
2013-04-03 etherealAdd fortoggen dead-branch pass.
2013-04-03 etherealStarted working on redundant-assignment elimination.
2013-04-02 etherealImplemented dead code removal.
2013-04-02 etherealImplemented control-flow graph generation and dead...
2013-04-02 etherealFixed bug in RelationalExpressionNode.
2013-04-02 etherealReplaced Prometheus overlay infrastructure with general...
2013-04-01 etherealCreated new `optimizer' source subtree.
2013-04-01 etherealAdded missing fold test file.
2013-04-01 etherealImplemented basic literal folding in Prometheus.
2013-03-15 etherealFinal work in prep for milestone 3.
2013-03-11 etherealChanged debug strings.
2013-03-09 etherealWorked on milestone 3 compliance.
2013-02-15 etherealAdded another parser test for milestone 2.
2013-02-15 etherealChanges required for milestone 2 submission.
2013-02-01 etherealMade TokenDumper output even more via cout.
2013-02-01 etherealMinor modifications before submission.
2013-02-01 etherealChanged default run mode.
2013-02-01 etherealMore doc comments, fixed all warnings.
2013-02-01 etherealMade TokenDumper use Message() instead of cout.
2013-02-01 etherealVarious small changes to pass more test cases.
2013-01-29 etherealAdded some documentation to lexer.
2013-01-28 etherealMade multiline comments enabled only when configured.
2013-01-25 etherealFixed several string-related bugs.
2013-01-25 etherealImplemented printi builtin function.
2013-01-25 etherealCleaned up code a little bit.
2013-01-23 etherealImplemented //-style comments, shortlog output style.
2013-01-23 etherealSome small changes to lexer, error-reporting, etc.
2013-01-22 etherealprints/string support should be finished.
2013-01-22 etherealChanged arguments to use hyphens in names instead of...
2013-01-22 etherealImplemented prints() assembly.
2013-01-22 etherealStarted to implement built-in functionality.
2013-01-21 etherealAdded support for global variables.
2013-01-21 etherealImplemented loops and break statements.
2013-01-21 etherealAdded some main function-related checks.
2013-01-21 etherealFixed return-presence pass to work with conditionals.
2013-01-21 etherealAdded return-presence check pass.
2013-01-21 etherealRemoved 4,096-byte limit from yystring.
2013-01-21 etherealRemoved unnecessary T_NUMBER rule from lexer.
2013-01-21 etherealUpdated CMake buildsystem generator.
2013-01-21 etherealChanged token dumper line/col to be 1-indexed.
2013-01-21 etherealAdded token source to TokenDumper.
2013-01-21 etherealImplemented token dumper.
2013-01-21 etherealChanged lexer/parser to not use any chars, only tokens.
2013-01-21 etherealFinished return statements.
2013-01-21 etherealFixed variable assignment stack offsets.
2013-01-21 etherealAdded support for comments and escaped chars in lexer.
2013-01-20 etherealImplemented else conditionals.
2013-01-20 etherealImplemented support for if statements.
2013-01-20 etherealAdded code generation for boolean expression evaluation.
2013-01-20 etherealImplemented function calls properly.
2013-01-20 etherealImplemented simple code generation for addition/multipl...
2013-01-18 etherealImplemented Prometheus overlay system, variable memory...
2013-01-18 etherealAdded some extra ad-hominem messages.
2013-01-18 etherealAdd forgotten extern declaration.
2013-01-18 etherealStarted working on new generator architecture.
2013-01-17 etherealStarted working on memory allocation.
2013-01-16 etherealCommit forgotten changes to CMakeLists.txt.
2013-01-16 etherealAdded CMake supporting files for older versions of...
2013-01-16 etherealAdded return-type checking pass.
2013-01-16 etherealImplemented expression type-checking pass.
2013-01-16 etherealFixed FlattenPass!
2013-01-16 etherealImplemented TreeDumper.
2013-01-16 etherealChanged some types to use InternalExpressionNode.
2013-01-16 etherealHopefully implemented AST flattening pass.
2013-01-16 etherealAdded InternalExpressionNode, an expression that has...
2013-01-15 etherealRemoved debugging informaiton.
2013-01-15 etherealFixed double-visiting of nodes during tree walks.
2013-01-15 etherealAdded expression node tree depth calculation.
2013-01-15 etherealModified gitignore.
2013-01-15 etherealFixed (hopefully) VariablePass.
2013-01-15 etherealFixed new TreeWalker, ported ParentingPass.
2013-01-15 etherealStarted converting to using NodeCast API and modifiable...
2013-01-15 etherealExpanded error reporting system slightly.
2013-01-15 etherealStarted working on error reporting framework.
2013-01-15 etherealRemoved some debugging information.
2013-01-15 etherealMoved some common Pass-related code into a TreeWalker...
2013-01-14 etherealChanged auto-generation from parser.y to a new header.
2013-01-14 etherealMade parser.y auto-generated from template.
2013-01-14 etherealAdded boolean and relational expressions to AST.
2013-01-14 etherealAdded arithemtical and assignment expression nodes.
2013-01-14 etherealImplemented ArgvParser.
2013-01-14 etherealImported configuration system.
2013-01-14 etherealAdded support for control flow AST construction.
2013-01-14 etherealFixed main function processing.
2013-01-14 etherealFixed function scope parents.
2013-01-14 etherealVariables are now resolved within expressions.
2013-01-14 etherealVariable declarations now work -- Symbol is added to...
2013-01-14 etherealThe scope parenting list is now set up correctly.
2013-01-14 etherealAdded ExpressionWrapperNode.