2014-05-24 etherealAdded prepared FAT32 partition image for testing. master
2014-05-23 etherealJust rm, rmdir, mkdir left for fat32access.c.
2014-05-23 etherealChanged to FAT32.
2014-05-23 etherealSome more additions to fat16access.c.
2014-05-23 etherealAdded various commands to fat16access.c.
2014-05-23 etherealAdded initial fat16access.c skeleton.
2014-05-09 etherealAdded find_rsdp.c.
2014-05-06 etherealAdded dserial.c.
2014-05-06 etherealFix linker script error and clean up code slightly.
2014-04-23 etherealImport simple reference kernel implementation.
2014-04-10 etherealAdded multiboot wrapper and kernel link script.
2014-04-10 etherealAdded code for simple slab heap allocator.