2013-12-01 Eric FiselierMeta-programming code cleanup. master
2013-11-11 etherealAdded most of the argument parser.
2013-11-11 etherealAdded simple serialization library.
2013-11-10 etherealImplemented simple serialization interface.
2013-11-10 etherealImplemented vector/tuple-sensitive parsing.
2013-11-10 etherealImplemented new string serialization/deserialization...
2013-11-10 etherealSketched out new config system.
2013-11-10 etherealRemoved old configuration system, started implementing...
2013-11-10 etherealAdded pugixml in preparation for new config system.
2013-11-10 etherealStarted moving over to proper naming conventions.
2013-04-16 etherealImported mathematics library.
2013-04-16 etherealClean up main().
2013-04-16 etherealRemove debugging code.
2013-04-16 etherealAdd logs .gitignore.
2013-04-16 etherealImplement ArgvParser, fix log system binary search.
2013-04-16 etherealRemove old ArgvParser.
2013-04-16 etherealFix TreeNodeHelper::child(std::string) to add children...
2013-04-16 etherealImplement full config parser.
2013-04-16 etherealAdd std::vector<> serialization support.
2013-04-16 etherealFix formatting.
2013-04-16 etherealExpanded config system std::vector<> support.
2013-04-16 etherealInitial skeleton code, including message system.