2015-06-24 etherealReflection works now. master
2015-06-24 etherealVarious small changes to save memory.
2015-06-24 etherealFixed uninitialized variable.
2015-06-24 etherealFound a hanging input, time to debug.
2015-06-24 etherealBasic rendering working.
2015-06-23 etherealSmall code reorganizations.
2015-06-14 etherealImported various math functions.
2015-06-12 etherealSuccessful DMA of input data with target's core.
2015-06-11 etherealImplemented basic raytracing and custom startup code.
2015-06-10 etherealFixed several bugs, imported math library.
2015-06-10 etherealAdded a bunch of debugging information; messages are...
2015-06-08 etherealMore infrastructure.
2015-06-07 etherealInitial work.