descriptionDistributed microkernel with asynch syscalls and transparent process migration
last changeWed, 8 Jan 2014 05:36:52 +0000 (22:36 -0700)
2014-01-08 etherealImplemented APIC timer support. master
2014-01-07 etherealHopefully, finally fixed exception detection.
2014-01-07 etherealFixed bug in ISR implementations.
2014-01-07 etherealFixed bug in vmem.
2014-01-07 etherealAdded full support for exception-code detection.
2014-01-07 etherealImplemented most of the interrupt framework.
2014-01-06 etherealImplemented ID system.
2014-01-06 etherealBegan rewrite of Sydi kernel with new design.
2014-01-05 etherealVarious file updates, planning architecture change.
2013-06-02 etherealVarious changes to ACPI framework.
2013-05-13 etherealMade APIC timer on AP CPU's enabled.
2013-05-13 etherealAP CPUs are initialized and added to scheduler.
2013-05-13 etherealAdded idle thread.
2013-05-13 etherealHopefully finished round-robin scheduler.
2013-05-12 etherealSet up working PIT clock, works at ~1ms intervals.
2013-05-11 etherealImplemented new thread system.
6 years ago master