Weblog philosophy

Some people may wonder at the out-of-order weblog posts, or the large number of those marked with WIP (work-in-progress). Why would I publically post something that isn't finished yet?

The answer is pretty simple: due to the length of the posts I typically write, there is no feasible way for me to write everything in a single sitting. It may be months before I feel like working on a particular article again. Which is better: for the half-finished article to lay about in a git repo, never seeing the light of day, or for an unfinished, unpolished article to be posted here? My opinion is probably clear.

Another side note: the articles that I write are often highly technical in nature, and the ability to ask a peer to review a particular small portion is often very handy. Having everything centralized (so I don't have to worry about someone reading an out-of-date version, etc.) is extremely useful.